Une paella de rue attire les foules

La paella de rue est née de la collaboration entre la librairie Española et le chef d’origine espagnole Tigretón, qui se décrit comme un chef nomade, car il a œuvré dans son pays natal, à Londres et à New York avant de s’installer à Montréal.

Sa paella, mentionne-t-il, est faite de beaucoup d’amour et d’ingrédients presque tous biologiques.

«Ma paella n’est pas traditionnelle, elle est le résultat de toutes mes années à voyager à travers l’Espagne pour en apprendre sur le riz. Elle a trois styles différents, mais au bout du compte, c’est moi. C’est ma paella.»...

Food and artistic diversity on the menu at Montreal’s sixth annual Mural Festival

On Saint Laurent Boulevard, just past Sherbrooke, it smells and looks like heaven, thanks to the sixth edition of The Montreal Mural Fest.

The blocked-off street is filled with fabulous art and fare.

Montreal-based chef Luis “Tigretón” Leon, originally from the Catalan Pyrenees, specializes in Spanish cuisine....

Montreal-based chef Luis “Tigretón” Leon, originally from the Catalan Pyrenees, specializes in Spanish cuisine....



First there were the Churros...

Chef Tigretón teaching how to make homemade churros in L'Épicerie, a TV show that airs in Radio-Canada ... Given in his "fresh of the boat" French. Who would had thought !

...and then, the Paellas, of course.  

And since there is not one without two, the guys from L'Épicerie also came to try la Paella de Tigretón.  De puta madre!!

Con Rufo Valencia
Radio-Canada International

Rufo Valencia invites Chef Tigretón to his Radio Program and talk about the paella events & his passion for people!

A Paella for Cypress Hill

Chef Tigretón had the special privilege to cook with Chuck Hugues for the one and only Cypress Hill. This memorable food event was hosted at Montreal Osheaga Music Festival. Olé!

Kids and Nutrition
CTV News

The English Montreal School Board is promoting the program in their schools among all the students with ambassadors including dieticians and a chef to help spread the message.

Private Chef Tigretón was on hand for the event, and said growing up in Spain and cooking with his father in the Pyrenees helped shape his love of healthy foods.

“I think it’s all about love. I think it’s our duty as adults to teach kids how to cook, how to eat, the love of food. The kitchen should be a friendly, open environment where anyone can join. If you cook something and it tastes horrible, that’s okay! Next time it will taste better,” he said.

The Perfect Paella
The Gazette 

"...Back in Montreal, the man to seek out for paella pointers is Luis Leon, who calls himself Chef Tigreton. he’s a freelance spanish cooking teacher who specializes in paella, offering classes and paella-cooking for private events. He, too, insists that it’s all in the ingredients. He buys large shrimp with the heads on for maximum taste for his seafood paella..."

Opening of Le C Restaurant
Nuevo Mundo TV

Nuevo Mundo prepared a short reportage of the opening of Le C, a Spanish restaurant were Chef Tigretón worked on the Menu Conception.