Street Paella 2017. Photo credit: Dragos Stoica. 

Street Paella 2017. Photo credit: Dragos Stoica. 



Where do I come from?


Back in 1980, my father had a farm in the Catalan side of the Pyrenees, and he had a dream, a sustainable restaurant. So he worked hard, as hard as he could, to open his restaurant every day Thursday to Sunday.

He breed goats, rabbits, hens... killed a couple of pigs a year....

He cropped his lands with potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, lettuces, garlics, onions...

He got himself a cow in order to have milk. Besides of the nutritious goat milk, and daily fresh eggs he also had.

If it rained, the man would go to pick snails, or mushrooms. 

So he managed to have his sustainable restaurant in a twelve people village. Yes, twelve. Quite daring, right? But he had customers from all over the valley, the big cities like Lerida and Barcelona and even from the French side. Everyone knew that at my father's Farm everything was picked or killed fresh, respectfully and seasonal. 

Now, that's where I come from.